A Belfast Mother’s Appeal

A Belfast Mother’s Appeal

Mr Adams:

The murder of my son Joseph O Connor on October 13th, outside my home in Belfast was witnessed by family, friends, and neighbours, who recognised the killers as members of the Provisional IRA. At our family’s request, Anthony McIntyre who served 17 years in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh independently interviewed other eyewitnesses who confirmed this.

Neither he, nor my family, as Republicans, has ever or would ever reveal the names of the individuals involved.

While I am certain that my son was killed by Provisionals I urge you to join the call for an independent community inquiry to resolve any doubts about the organisation responsible for my son’s murder.

If you believe that the Provisional IRA are not responsible, you should be eager for an inquiry to establish who is killing republicans in Ballymurphy, and to prevent further violence between republicans.

My family has suffered greatly for our republican beliefs. As you know, my father was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries, directed by British intelligence to shield a high level mole within the Provisional IRA with a code-name of “Steak Knife”.

Since my son’s murder, my grieving family and those who have spoken for justice have been threatened.

An independent community inquiry could establish the truth, halt the prospects of further violence between republicans and affirm the right of all republicans to their political beliefs.

I urge you to endorse the call for an independent community human rights inquiry into the murder of my son Joseph O Connor.


Margaret O’Connor

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